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Barefoot Books Our Story March 8, 2009

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Barefoot Books is a vibrant, fun, global community of parents, educators, artists, and writers all dedicated to bringing this wonderful, award-winning line of children’s books into the hearts of children everywhere inspiring art, creativity, imagination, cultural awareness, green living and more. Snuggle up and bring Barefoot Books into your home and start living Barefoot.

Watch The Video On Barefoot’s Story:

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Let Your Blog Work For You March 5, 2009

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Join Barefoot Books Affliate program and let their Free Barefoot Books Banner ads work for you making 20%-40% commission. Click on My Barefoot Books and fill out the free registration to become a Barefoot Books Affliate and have access to free Banner Ads that are simply placed on your blog, webpage, emails etc and when a customer clicks on the banner and makes a purchase through your Barefoot Books Banner Ad get a 20%-40% commission without paying a cent. Let your blog work for you.


“Doodle 4 Google” March 4, 2009

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“The colorful logo at can change too frequently to keep up with, but for 24 hours on May 21, 2009 it could feature one very special doodle — your child’s.

The folks at Google are opening up their “Doodle 4 Google” competition to children from Kindergarten through Grade 12 in the United States. Once their school is registered here, children can submit their logo design. This year’s theme is “what I wish for the world.” From t-shirts to college scholarships, Google has some amazing prizes in store for the winners!

Need some artistic inspiration? Check out Dotty Spotty Doodles and Zig Zag Zebra, full of imaginative activities for your little artist. The submission deadline is March 31st, so get those creative juices flowing!”
Visit My Barefoot Books to find more info on Dotty Spotty Doodles and Zig Zag Zebra


Go Barefoot March 3, 2009

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Share your love of reading today and have fun learning yoga with your little one.

“Practice bending, twisting, breathing, relaxing and more with Yoga Pretzels, a vibrant and colorful set of illustrated cards that provide a healthy dose of fun and education while teaching all the basics of yoga to help your head and heart.”
Click on one of the banners to the right to learn more!!


Sell Barefoot Books March 2, 2009

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Work from home selling these beautiful award-winning books by Barefoot Books. Bring wonderful stories into your children’s lives and introduce Barefoot Books to your friends and family. You can sell Barefoot Books through fundraising, home parties, online, book fairs, local schools..the possibilities are endless. Visit My Barefoot Books for more information.


Animal Boogie February 27, 2009

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animalboogiepic1 The Animal Boogie is an awarding winning sing -along book and tons of fun to share with your children!!

Shake, shimmy and boggie-woogie-oogie with the creatures of the Indian jungle! It’s bright and fun, wacky and exotic, but most of all, no one can resist the catchy tune- so just get up and dance! This edition includes a singalong CD by acclaimed children’s performer, Fred Penner!  Click one of the banners to the right for more information!


Barefoot Books supports Books for Africa December 5, 2008

“Books For Africa is the largest shipper of donated books to the African continent. Since 1988, they have sent over 20 million books to 44 African countries and into the hands of rural schoolchildren. Many of these children are taught in primitive schoolrooms without running water, electricity or the basic materials and tools needed to learn. By collecting, sorting and shipping books to these communities, Books For Africa provides these children with the fundamental tools they need to learn, grow and improve their individual lives and the world around them.”

For $5, customers can donate these hardcover titles:

We All Went on Safari
Mama Panya’s Pancakes
We’re Sailing Down the Nile
Hidden Hippo

For $3, customers can donate these board book titles:
How Loud is a Lion
Zoe and her Zebra

What a wonderful gift of giving for the holiday season. This is an amazing organization and I am so proud to be a part of Barefoot Books and this cause.