Barefoot and Beyond

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Barefoot and Beyond December 4, 2008

Barefoot and Beyond is about discovering a love for all things Barefoot. Living a barefoot life is rewarding and challenging. Barefoot and Beyond is inspired by the lovely and wonderfully creative line of children’s books known as Barefoot Books.  My desire to live barefoot came with the birth of my baby girl and finding ways to teach her how living barefoot can be exciting, whimsical and inspiring. Kick off your shoes and come join me on my journey of living barefoot and beyond by taking the time each day to really enjoy every moment and all the simple pleasures life has to offer while exploring the world we live in and discovering ways to walk lightly upon this beautiful Earth we call home.  Discover other cultures, art, crafts, literature, poetry, going green and all things Barefoot.

Start by checking out Barefoot Gift Sets. These gift sets are just wonderful for a holiday gift idea. They have so many different options from Barefoot Young Artist to Fairie Magic plus they are eco-friendly which I love. Simply click on the red barefoot banner to the right to browse these Barefoot gifts.


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